What A Production………….

I am involved with our local community theatre. I do not act, I have but it is not my strong suit. I am helping produce this play. There is a great deal that the director, producer and stage manager do in local theatre that no one ever sees. This morning, I got home at 1:00 am helping paint the set, There were three of us there, we were getting it done. We had run rehearsal last night and sent the cast home to take care of themselves. We all stayed behind to make sure things, gulping coffee, not eating life we should, not taking care of ourselves, we were getting  things done.

I don’t act, as I said before, I also don’t do heights very well. So I am not sure why when the director needed to go to his place of business and said I need help, I sent the stage manager with him and said you all go ahead,” I’ll stay here and paint”….this staircase….a couple stories up……with the sides left open….nah, you all go ahead.

I get my drop cloth and I position it on the same stage I walked across when I graduated from high school. I shake the paint, I stir the paint, I pour the paint, I…….. am stalling for time. They will be back soon. They shouldn’t be too long. Here I am in the huge venue, by myself and all alone and I am going to climb up on the stairs that I am not totally sure are safe…with a paint pan in my dominant hand, which is also the side the one set of hand rails are on. Yup, I’m going to do this. So I get up and start painting.

As I began, there is just a 4 X 6 post to which I can take hold. I also have to paint this first as it is the out most part of the staircase. I did that thing they (they being everyone ever) tell you not to do….. I looked down. I am not a spring chicken and I know a fall from this height would not be good.

I did not let the fear that I had stop me, I could have backed down the stairs. I could have waited for them to get back  before even starting, I could have let one of them do it, I didn’t. I carefully proceeded with the task that was at hand and while they were gone, I made some pretty good progress.

When they get back, I tell them the same thing I told you. To which the director looks at me and says “Theatre is making you stretch and do things you are uncomfortable with…….Good!!!”

This production will come off. We will make “magic” but as I told the kids I read to yesterday… We all have magic in us, we just have to remember to use it.


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