The Last Car in the Line…

Where I live, we are having major road construction on the US Highway that runs through our corner of the world. Everyone who travels that way is learning a short cut or is fussing about how long they have to sit in traffic.

Today, I had to go out that way. When I stopped the first time, as there are three stops ahead of me on this 8 mile trip, I was the last car in line. I turned on my emergency flashers just so should come along, as they surely would, they would notice that we were stopped in the road.

Have you ever been the last car in line. You listen to the radio and keep one eye on the rearview mirror and one on the flag man.

I was thinking while sitting there in what some may see as last place and I was thinking about life. We live in a bigger, better, faster, stronger world. Everyone wants to be the winner. Everybody wants to be in first place. I looked at this line of car in front of me. Before I came along, it was in last place, before it came along, the one in front of it was in the back of the line. Even up to the car in the front of the line. At some point if even for a microsecond, it was the back of the line.

There are times in life when we feel like everyone is doing everything better than we are. We are at the back of the line with our flashers on, hoping the car coming around the curve sees us in time. When we feel like that, we need to keep in mind that those other drivers saw the same signs that we saw, they should slow down if they have been through the area because they know what is going on, they don’t want to hit you any more than you want to be hit and at some point, that person holding the sign is going to twist it around and you will see the word slow instead of stop. You will continue on your journey and by now you are somewhere near the middle of the pack of car who are going to have to switch sides of the road, dodge barrels, watch for cars who are going to navigate more slowly than some would like but before you know it, you will reach your destination. It may have taken you a little longer. You will get there and you will be happy that you have arrived safely.

So next time you catch yourself in the back of the line, just remember someone will drive up behind you and they will be in that spot. Don’t fret, listen to that song on the radio, that might just be the reason you had to sit in traffic so long.


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