One of the Saddest Things I Have Ever Heard….

Today, I had to go out of town for a meeting. People from 4 different counties were represented. We walked into the conference room and said hello to one particular young lady.

She greeted us with slumped shoulders and a very dry “hello” that would make you think the classic Eeyore character from Winnie the Pooh was Tigger.

I asked her if she was doing okay. She dryly replied Yes. The co-worker who traveled with me called her by name and said “You don’t sound very happy.” She said “When have you ever known me to be happy.”

To me that was a sad comment. When have you EVER known me to be happy. We all have times when we get down on ourselves. Been battling that one lately myself. That statement struck me like a blow to the head.

Generally, I am a happy person but the changing of my body is reeking havoc with my hormones. I put way too much pressure on myself to live up to my own expectations. Not even those that other put on me, my own. So much so that I get on my own nerves.

Having been compared to Mary Poppins and not in the most elegant of ways (Well you’re just a regular Mary Poppins, aren’t you) to which I replied….Cool, not only did they write a book about her they made a movie too, it bothers me that someone simply can’t find something to be happy about.

No matter what we face in life, there is something, one little thing to be happy about. It may be the fact that the sun is shining, that we were able to get out of bed this morning, that we have someone we can love, that we have a chance for a brighter tomorrow. Something…..Anything….Everything!!!

I know I gripe and complain a lot, but I am one blessed lady. I may not everything I want but I have everything I need, plus a little. I got out of bed this morning. I got to see the person that makes my heart smile today and hear his voice. I got to talk to my best friend, I got to laugh early this morning.  I have the essentials in life. I really don’t have a right to complain. I should really remind myself of that more often.

I hope and pray that my co-worker can find something to bring joy into her life. I know what it is like to be at that point where you don’t feel like you can go on and you really don’t see why you should. I have felt like there would be no one who would miss me if I weren’t around anymore.

If you don’t feel happy today, try to find that one little thing, that person, that song on the radio, find that something that makes you happy. Even if it is just a little bit and for just a little while. Happy, sometimes is one of those things you have to work for. If it doesn’t find you, go out and find it!!!

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