The Bag

I am going on an overnight retreat for my job. This happens every two years so I was new to chapter 2 of my life the last time this event took place.

Yesterday, I saw all the people in my circle. The deacon will be leaving town the day I return. I saw the best friend as I was close by for work and she was letting me borrow her GPS. I saw my person, just because I wanted to see him. I saw my parents and the last thing I done before coming home to pack  my bags, was to go see my girls. My great nieces.

There are three of them and I have written about the youngest a couple of times. This morning, before I leave for this mini vacation, I need to tell you about the bag.

The very meaning of love is to give of yourself without expectation. Very few people manage to do that in this day and time. I saw this in action last evening.

The middle child is my mini me. We are very similar in the way we approach life. Not having children of my own, she is the closest I have ever had to a child. She loves to hang out at my place because we are always going to be experimenting, painting, learning through play. I have learned this is important.

Last night when I stopped in for my Aunt Serene check-up, I told them about my trip. This child who was attached to me because she hadn’t seen me in few days jumps up and says “Wait right there !!!” I am sitting on their sofa and she brings the bag she had carried at the beginning of the school year. She had since upgraded so the bag is used to go for family visits, to carry her very important stuff in when she travels down the hill to my sister’s home, to my house, or to my parent’s  home.

She hands me a rainbow colored cheetah  print mail carrier type bag. It has her written all over it. She says as she hands me the bag, “Here take this on your trip. Put your stuff in it, you will need it.” Well I have bags for every occasion. I do, however, reach for this bag and say Thank you, I will use your bag and I will take very good care of it.”

Did I NEED the bag? No. The offer of it was so that I would take something important to her with me as I traveled. She would be part of the trip, although not in the car with me, she knew that when I look at the bag, I will think of her. I won’t be scared because part of her will be with me.

That is love in it’s purest form. That is giving something from your heart and not expecting anything in return. Wonder if she could bottle that and sale it, in a world where the word love is used overused and under demonstrated. If she could sell that, she would never have to work a day in her life.

My suitcase is in the car, my camera bag is sitting there waiting for me along with the “bag I am going to need.” I will close my computer as soon as this loads and I will put it in that very bag with my journal and my sketchbook.  I will begin my journey knowing that I am loved and that at least one person will be thinking of me and praying for me as I begin my journey.


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