Little Whispers

I have a highly sensitive personality. Things that others might not think about affect me very deeply. I also believe that the spirits of those who have loved us, who still love us, linger nearer at certain times more than others.

Last night, my best friend got to see this in action. It has happened to me many times and I have told her and my person about how this happens but neither of them have seen it until now. When I told them about it happening, I hope they believed me.

It had been a great day yesterday, until ……an hour, twenty seven minutes and three seconds of my life was sucked up rehashing the same problem, which, technically, was not my problem, over and over and over. Yes, I looked at the timer on the phone!!!

I am perfectly capable of listening, understanding and replying intelligently without being coxed. First I am processing the barrage  of information thrown at me and then I am sure whatever I say will come back to bite me, so I am choosing my words carefully.

I can help with the problem, I have some of the answers, I will help with the problem but it does not fall squarely on my shoulders. That is part of being a team member. If we all help carry the load, one is not going to break down quite as quickly. I work better with those who encourage, excite and engage me, not those who hammer on me.

It was a great day for an evening road trip with my best friend, who is fighting her own battles on several fronts. It was the perfect evening for us to get out and just be stupid. We do it well. We don’t harm anyone, we just enjoy being together, laughing and just being us.

Here is a prime example,,,,she gets me into a national retail box store and gets me tickled. I am laughing so hard that I literally can’t take a step.  People begin to look at me and she walks up beside me and say “Excuse me lady, Are you okay??”  Or I am buying items needed for a project I am making for her and she starts to reach into my cart at the check out line and I say “I don’t know who you think you are but you reach in my cart again and it won’t be pretty.” I don’t have an inside voice so it is her turn to get looked at. People say the way we act, you would never know we are best friends. It is just our friendship. We have know each other for more years than we claim to have been alive. We have the same taste in music. My playlist could be her playlist. We just enjoy life.

So last night before we start back home, we stop at a gas station to get something to drink. We are sitting there drinking our smoothies and I hear my name whispered as clearly as I have ever heard my name said. It was so clear that I turned around to see if someone was sitting behind me. I know I looked like a deer in the head lights when I turned back around and looked at her. I said “Did you hear that???” She said “What?” I said I just heard someone whisper my name and I know who it sounded like.” Her reply, “Maybe someone is reminding you that All is Well”.

I tend to worry about things . I tend to bear the weight of things on my shoulders. If that person I worry about going mute on me, goes mute, my first thought is what have i done wrong. I worry about those I love. I wonder sometimes if anyone ever worries about me…other than my mom. Like me, she is a chronic worrier. I even went so far as to pose a question to my friend last night. She answered me as honestly as she could. The question….do you think anyone will miss me when I die? It will happen some day. It is a fact that we start our journey toward  the grave the moment we take our first breathe. Now when I asked this question, we were driving up a mountain in dense fog at 15 miles per hour. I presume she thought that  I was thinking my demise would be sooner rather than later and of course made a joke about her driving but then answered the question.

It is an interesting week for me to hear a whisper. Friday would be my wedding anniversary and I will be traveling home from a beautiful location where I enjoy being.

I am, however, thankful for that whisper and I am thankful that my friend was there  when it happened. It doesn’t unnerve me as much as it used to. It has happened on several occasions usually around a change in my life….. wonder what that will be.


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