Love… It’s Not What You Say It Is What You Do

I am in love. I have told my person that I love him. I try to show him equally as much. I feel that love is to be demonstrated. If I tell you that I love you and don’t show you my love, you will not believe it.

You can say I love you , through you actions, sometimes being that listening ear and that shoulder to lean on. That person who will listen to you when you are so overwhelmed that you don’t know where to turn and look at you and say “I don’t have any advice”. Yet you feel better for have just been able to share it with someone who truly cares.

They are then somewhat surprised when you offer to help them out when they are in a bind. They appreciate your offer of help and all you want to say is it is because I love you. You do things for that person you love. It is a pleasure doing it because you feel like you have so little to offer them. If it is sharing time over a cup of coffee or a meal together. Talking with each other, not at each other. Too many people do that in this day and age.  It is making plans and sharing dreams. Small dreams and those huge dreams that involve both of you.

Love is not finding that person who completes you. I thought it was at one time. After being “alone” for three years, I am complete in myself. Not that I don’t need others ….I do. I need that person who compliment my life. Who understand my idiosyncrasies and still sticks around. That person who knows those things that stress you out and allow you to see things from a different perspective. That person who, when all you can see is clouds, they say “No, Look, God Rays…the sun is about to shine. Just hang on a little longer”. That is who my person is to me.

I hope in some small way, he knows this and understands that even though I don’t make the grand gestures and use the loving words a lot of women do, the love is there. I will slip a little something in here and there and move on, hoping he catches the hint.

I feel like I do so little for him and he does so very much for me, it is a pleasure to be able to do small things, things that might go unnoticed, to most (but not by him) to silently whisper “I love you”  and never saying a word.


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