It’s Those Little Hurdles You Jump

Today is Sunday. It is church day. The church I attend, the ladies wear dresses.

There is one outfit that I have tried to wear a few times in the last 3 years. Every time I put it on, I immediately take it off and put it back on the hanger.

This is the outfit I was wearing when I had my last photo taken with my late husband. It is the outfit I wore to his funeral. Because he thought the outfit looked good on me.

This morning, I got up and put the outfit on once again. I am still wearing it an hour later. This ensemble¬†will see sunshine again. This may not seem like a big deal to most but to me it is a huge hurdle. This means I am able to make another step forward. It can’t be a big step, the skirt is big enough on me now that it might fall off so no giant steps today. I will take those baby steps and be happy with that.

If you have tried something and not been happy with the result, try again. Don’t ever give up. You will find that time when you can laugh, smile, be happy or wear that outfit that you had tried to wear before. Sometimes those small hurdles can bring the biggest rewards.


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