For An Abandoned Lodge, That Bench Moves A lot!!

I am, in chapter 2 of my life, a wanderer. I am always on the go, I don’t want to waste one of those heartbeats I have been given. In Chapter 1, I was content to sit in front of the TV on the most beautiful of days. Now, I want to be out as much as possible. I wander alone, there is only one person I want to gallivant with but I let fear keep me from asking.He is always so busy, I know he needs his down time so, I go it alone.

One of the places I go to is an abandoned lodge. It is on public land so I am okay to go and sit as long as I desire. This lodge is beautifully made. It used to be very busy and now it just sits there. The visitors to it are sparse. As much as I am up there, I very seldom see anyone.

This evening as I sat there I started under a tree. I sat under this tree waiting for that magical golden hour that all photographers wait for. As an avid sunset chaser, I do most of my wandering in the evening. I sat there and thought of nothing. Then I walked down to the lodge. I walked out on the patio and the bench had moved. There is a bench on that patio that has been there for years. This is the clue that I am not the only person to visit the lodge. In my mind, I could see a couple sitting on the bench talking as they looked out at the mountains in the distance. I wondered what they might have spoken of.

As I stood on the patio, I started taking photos of a magnificent sunset. I then wandered down the steps down into the yard.  As I walked down, I was aware of the heat coming off the rock staircase. The sun had beat down on the rocks all day and as the evening cooled. the heat released. I sat down in the grown up grass and let  my eyes and ears take in what was happening around me. The colors in the sky was changing from pinks and blues to oranges, yellows, golds and grays. I was hearing the sounds of the critters you couldn’t see singing their night songs.

I thought of those I love. One of my daughter figures who is struggling to find herself and though she is not flesh of my flesh, she is one of the children of my heart,. I have several of those who I worked with and then they moved on into their new lives, going to college, getting married, starting families of their own. Most of them, I am still in contact with. There are a couple who cut ties with me and I have to be okay with that. I did the best for them while I could. Hopefully, they carry something I taught them with them into the future,

I thought about my person, my best friend and my other daughter figure. This same lodge had been the setting for a photo shoot for engagement photos and there was a photo taken of me and my best friend as her husband looked at us with that look we have become accustomed to. The photographer was my person..

I thought about my little girls, who are growing up way too fast. This lodge was the setting for a portrait session I did for them, they have changed so much since then.

This lodge holds some great memories. All of which have been made in Chapter 2. The chapter that I never thought would come. I had made up my mind to give up after Chapter 1. There would be no joy, no happiness, no new love. Boy was I wrong. I have all that and so much more.

As I sat there, a thought came to me. Maybe I don’t need the lodge as much as the lodge needs me. It was once a hub bub of activity. People traveled many miles to be there. Now the visitors are few and maybe, just maybe, I am part of its memory as it is part of my memory.

You may read this and think of me as a nutcase. That’s fine. I know that buildings hold vibrations of the souls the dwelt there. Maybe it is my task to let it know that it still has value and it is still appreciated.


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