The Deacon

I have told you about the circle of people around me. Well, now I want to tell you about  “the deacon” He is a wonderful man of God and a true friend.

He has been through his own stuff.  His son committed suicide while my husband was nearing the end of his transition. He has attempted to do the same thing I do only on a much larger scale. He wants to prevent someone from following in his footsteps. He has several events each year to celebrate who his son was as well as make people aware of what can happen.

He is on call 24/7 for anyone who just needs to talk. When I thought of doing something to myself, he was the last person I wanted to tell. I knew he would be so very disappointed in me. When I did told him, he just hugged me and let me cry.

Even though he is grieving himself, he is there for everyone else. He and his wife are wonderful people. He is the person who gets on to me when I say I am ugly or fat. He tells me that I am exactly who I am supposed to be, that I am beautiful and the right man sees my heart anyway.

Yesterday, he came in to where I work, apparently what I wore to work yesterday was nice because several people told me how nice I looked. Even one little gentleman around 80 who comes to the restaurant where I work part time, saw me at the bank yesterday and mentioned it then told my best friend that I looked pretty. He is a nice little man in his 80s. He always tells us how nice we are to him.

The deacon came in and said “Look at you all pretty and sexy’. Of course, I laugh at him and tell him he is stupid, He said “Me and (his wife) talk about how pretty you are all the time. When we see your pictures on the computer she always says you are so pretty.

He then said something that worried me. He said I want you to do me a favor, when you are out by yourself, I want you to be careful and be aware of who is around you. I’m not sure why he said it. He has seen or heard something that has him concerned. He wouldn’t tell me what but something…..

He has told me many times that I don’t need to post where I am so much on social media because he knows exactly where I have been. That I needed to be careful about that.

He knows the trouble that I have had in the past with people showing up at my home uninvited and “latching on” to me to the point where I bought a taser.

He is very observant. He can tell when I am with someone I am comfortable with. He has mentioned it many times when he has seen me around others in my circle. How happy I look with them. He has also seen me in defensive, scared, at moments down right terrified mode.

During those really tough times he has been known to come to take me to visit his daughter who is an hour away, to basketball games, to eat dinner with him and his wife. When he had his ordination service he asked me to come. I traveled the hour and a half to make sure I was there for him.

 He knows that now if I need him I will call and I do. Wherever he is, he will drop what he is doing if I tell him I need to talk. His first question is where are you at? Then he says stay right there I am on my way. You don’t find many people like that but I have a few. I am more blessed than I should be.

This is the story of the deacon, who is part of my story, who hopefully makes you think of that someone who is part of the story of your life.


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