You Know Where Your Heart Is….

I am awake in the middle of the night. The first thing on my mind?? My person. I hope he is resting well, There was nothing to wake me up, I just woke up.

I can tell from the clarity with which I type that this could be the last I sleep tonight.

You know who holds your heart when they are the first thing on your mind and the last thing on your mind.

I have been afraid to admit to myself and to him that I have given him my heart. I have tried to tell him, not sure he believes it. I have only given that sucker away twice in my life. Once, I got it back tattered and torn. It had been used to love until death did we part.

My person has helped me collect the parts, pieces, bits and slivers of what once was and glue, staple and piece it back together until it is able to love again.

He has been with me along this journey as I travel through chapter 2 of my life. He is the person I figuratively lean on during the tough times.

I know to you these may seem like ramblings but to me it is important to speak life into what you want. I know what I want. I know what I feel and how long i have felt it. It only grows stronger each and every day.

Yes, I assure you, it is that person you are thinking about in the middle of the night that holds your heart. I hope my heart is resting well!!!


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