A Day of Rest

I work hard. I work at something all the time. It may be one or both of my two jobs. If not, I am working around my house, in my yard, on my photography or my latest project.

On Sunday, I give myself the day off. I may do a load of laundry but that will be the most I do. Sunday is the day I go to church then I allow my body and my mind to relax.

It is a time to spend with those I love and to recharge my battery for the task in the upcoming week.

We all need that time. If you spend it with you family, with your person, with your friends or alone you need that time for your mind to rest and reboot. That day when whatever burden you have been carrying all week, you lay it down for just a little while.

It will be right where you left it, but just for today….smile, laugh, breathe and relax. Enjoy this day, it will never come again. The conversations and smiles you share this day are special. They are meant for you, for this day. They are as unique and special as each of us. Find something or someone today who makes your heart smile. It is the stuff life is made of !!!


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