That Old Frame of Mine

I am listening to the song “That Old Frame of Mine” by Blake Shelton.

Stories of our lives are often told through photographs. As a photographer, I know this. We have images in frames of those who mean the most to us. Those children that are important in our lives, our friends, our person, those who have gone and we can’t take anymore photos of them. Those special moments that can’t be replayed or repeated, even if you tried.

I have all the above. I don’t have that many photos of myself. I think there might be three photos of me though out my home.

The story of my life is not about me. It is about all those amazing people who have made my life a happy place to live again. I remember those dark days when just facing the world was a trial. They were there for me when I felt like I was all alone in this journey, that no one had ever felt the pain I was feeling. Not another person on the planet was as lost and confused as I was. They stood by me and sometimes propped me up when I couldn’t stand. These are the  people who allow me to take their photos, to make my memories. They are the people who matter most to me. They are the reason I smile.

As photographers, we tend to try to blend into the crowd. We want to be the fly on the wall. We want to observe the world from a safe distance.

There is a barrier between us and those we are shooting. I saw this barrier break twice last evening. One, I noticed immediately. The second, I didn’t realize until today when I looked back at the photos. A camera can capture moments we tend not to be able to see with our natural eye. That moment, frozen forever in time. It is great when you see it. It is that moment when your heart skips a beat, because it is a moment no one else gets to see.

There are photos I would like to take. There are amazing places I would love to see. There are things I would love to capture. For me, it is more about capturing those moments with the people I love. For to me, those we love are our life. Breaking barriers is great don’t get me wrong. When you capture the light in the eyes of someone special. That moment is yours forever. Nobody can take it away from you.

There is one picture that I would love to have take of me…okay maybe two. Will I ever get those??? I honestly do not know. I hope so. My dream for one is that the chance be there. The other is that the bravery be there. Time will tell, until then I will wander through my photos remember bits and pieces of some, intimate details of others or feel those butterflies in my stomach, because my heart is happy.

Until next time, keep taking those photos and making those memories….for they are the story of your life.


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