Unexpected Detour Leads to an Interesting Place


I would not normally add 3 photos to my post, but however for the purpose of this post I feel it necessary.

Today was a great day but I needed to do some thinking. Something was worrying me and I needed to deal with it There are three things I do when I need to think drive, walk and take photos, lots and lots of photos.

So I was driving to my desired destination, a place I have been trying to get to for about three weeks now. Every time, something happens and I don’t make it. Maybe I am not supposed to photograph what I am going to get. It has been painted, photographed and even quilted. Maybe my job is not to capture it.

So I had to pick  different destination. I wasn’t sure why, I was thinking that it is not the destination but the journey that makes life an everyday adventure. Little did I know why I was being detoured.

I pulled off the road and started up a hiking trail thinking about what was on my mind. It is nothing bad, just something that had me a little worried. I was also thinking about this blog post and the journey vs. destination idea.


I hiked and took photos as I walked along the trail. I was beginning to get into my stride when I wandered upon the images you see in this post. It was foggy and I was tired from walking the trail. Needless to say, seeing the remains of some by gone birthday party took me by surprise.

I wondered about who the party had been for. How long ago the party had been. The banners and the streamers looked eerie in surrounding fog. I am a woman who will take off wandering through the forest and stand on rock ledges to get the shot she wants. This however, I looked around  closely before entering the picnic shelter.

This was creepy for lack of  better word. The fog did not help. I did however intend to capture what I was seeing just as I was seeing it.

The party was over and all that was left were the signs that it had been there. It had happened. It had occurred. It had existed.

This got me to thinking about our lives Someday, we will only be a memory. We will have existed, but this party will be over. What will we leave behind to show we were here? What will our legacy be?

Today, my person and I were talking about a community project we re working on together. At one point he said that children I work with would always remember the experiences I have given them. I told him I hoped so. That since I didn’t have children of my own, they are my legacy. What my heart was asking but my words didn’t say was “Have I made a difference in your life?” I hope I have. I hope he is able to feel with his heart what I feel for him.

Some day we will be gone. Some day we will be a memory. Some day all that will be left are the banners and streamers we left along the way. I want to leave behind a legacy of love and friendship. A legacy of caring and giving. It truly doesn’t matter what dates are on our gravestone. Mine is already up with the born date on it. It is that dash in the middle that is our true legacy. Make the most of every day. Share your love with those around you. You only get one time around. Make it count. Use each and every day for all it is worth!!!



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