Something Funny Happened on the Way to My Engagement

Sunday, my person and I were talking and Boston Cream Cake came up in the conversation. Now to most people, this would just be a normal conversation. For me, it brought back a great memory. So I shared it with my person, I tell him everything!!

My late husband, God love him, did everything he could do to make me happy. As I did him. Being a childless couple, we spoiled each other rotten. If one of us said “I want” the other said “you’ve got”.  Even down to the point that once they stopped his cancer treatments, I looked at his family doctor and said I know he has diabetes but whatever he wants to eat, he is going to get it. He said  “Well, we (the nursing facility) have to stick to the diet. I said ‘I don’t give a crap what you do, I will give him whatever he wants”. Okay maybe it wasn’t the word “crap” I used, but I intended to make myself understood. After all, that was my heart laying there in that bed. So yes, we spoiled each other. 

The mention of Boston Cream Cake opened the door for me to tell him the story of my engagement and almost the lack thereof. 

It was my birthday and he had planned a special evening for me at a nice sit down restaurant. He had worked for days unbeknownst to me, with a friend of his who worked as manager at the restaurant to make this perfect evening totally magical for the woman he loved, who…….wanted to go to a local fast food  joint for her favorite burger. 

I was living with my parents and he arrives to pick me up. Kisses me, opens the car door for me, goes around gets into the car and announces where he is going to take me for my birthday. To which, I politely say, Nope, I want a double ________________. 

He reminds me that it is my birthday and he wants it to be a nice dinner To which I repeat the above statement. 

Needless to say it was a quite half hour ride. He pulls into his desired location. I sit in the car. It was my birthday and i couldn’t even go where I wanted. This did not bode well for the evening!!! 

Now, as a general rule I am pretty easy to please and get along with, but I am a country girl from two very strong willed families So, he said come on in here and if you don’t like it, we can leave and I’ll take you wherever you want to go. At this point, I get out of the car. 

Honestly, it was the worst meal on the planet. He even agreed with that later. When we had finished eating, the waitress comes over and ask if I want dessert. I said Nope, I still wasn’t the happiest camper in the kingdom.  She took our plates came  back and asked me again if I wanted dessert. Once again and a little more forcefully, I told her no. He asked if they had Boston Cream Cake. She said Yes, we sure do. He said “Honey, you love Boston Cream Cake, don’t you want some of that?” I again said no. So finally, that dear, sweet man ordered a piece of Boston Cream Cake. 

I noticed that the waitress seemed kind of relieved when he ordered it. I also noticed that a crowd of employees were beginning to congregate near us. When she brought the cake back she sat it down in front of me. I know I looked at her like she had just grown an extra nose or something. 

She backed away and I looked at him and said here’s your cake, don’t know why she sat it down in front of me. Then without a moments hesitation, I said “If they sing Happy Birthday” to me, I am gonna kill you”. He never looked away from me, he never made a sound, he sat there and patiently waited for me to look down and see a heart shaped piece of aluminium foil with a tooth pick with a red frill on it and my ring around the tooth pick. To which I looked at him and said… you guessed it “I’m gonna kill you”.

I heard it going down the line of servers….”Well, what did she say?” He looks at me and calmly said “Apparently we are all waiting for an answer”. Of course it was yes!!!

When we got back to the car, he opened my car door and looked me in the eyes and said, “Do you really mean it? You will Marry Me?” He was as unsure of himself as I was. I said “Absolutely, I will marry you, I love you”

He later told me all the trips he had made to make sure the evening was perfect. How his friend had to go to a neighboring town to get the Boston Cream Cake because, everyone was sold out.

I told this story to my person and told him that there had to be a special place in  Heaven for that man for putting up with me for that many years.That I was hard to live with. Maybe I am more stubborn and hard headed than hard to live with.

We laughed about it and it felt good to remember that there were some really good times before cancer entered our life. Don’t get me wrong, there were some good times after but I have had to wade backward through the pain to get to where I could tell this story from Chapter 1 to the most important person in my life in Chapter 2.. That we could share that moment, that memory from bygone days and make a new memory that the two of us can share. Now that is a  gift that I will always treasure.  


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