I Want To Waltz Around My Living Room

Do you ever just want something so very simple in life. It doesn’t cost anything, you can’t go purchase it, it just is….It is a moment. 

This is one of the things I would love to do. I want to dance in my living room. I have never been one to go out and dance. My husband, well, he never danced.  I want to be held in someone’s arms and just sway to the music on the radio. To feel safe and loved and cherished. It is not a big dream. It is actually minuscule compared to a lot of dreams, but it is one I sit in my living room and think about.

Of course when I see it, I see one person. I know my head would lay right over his heart. I could finally hear his heart beat. I want to hear that, just to prove to myself that he is real.

Yes, I have the big, honkin’ dreams that seem so far out of my reach. Then there is this one that seems just as far out of my grasp. Does it stop me from dreaming? No and it shouldn’t.

I believe in speaking life to what we desire. I can speak defeat and negativity over my life or I can speak life into it. I choose to speak life.  Life responds to our thoughts and our words. 

As I type this I sit here crying. It is not a huge dream, yet it is a dream. It matters. It is important to me. It doesn’t have to be fancy. It is a dream…..It is one of my dreams…..


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