I Am A Bit of A Daydreamer and That’s Fine With Me

 I am a realist. You can tell that in my posts. I tell you all how my life has been in the second chapter of my life. I tell you about my friend who is struggling a bit right now, so please keep her in your prayers. I tell you about my person, who  makes my heart smile for so many different reasons. I have introduced you to some of my family. It is my life.

I wrestled wondering if it was best to open my life to the outside world. Things have changed in my world the last three years but I guess the most evident to the outside world is the 90 pounds I have lost. That is just an outward sign of the change going on inside me. It is not easy. I promise you that. It has been a struggle finding out who I am alone.

When you were with someone as long as I was, you know each other inside out. You become one name with an “and” in the middle. So learning what I like, who I am, what I can tolerate, who I enjoy spending time with has been interesting 

There are times when I look in the mirror and see the person I was before the weight loss There are times I look into the mirror and see this beautiful woman looking back at me,Then there are times  I look in the mirror and  wonder…..

I have couple daydreams that I keep revisiting.  I won’t share those with you. A couple of people know one of them as of last night. The other well, that I am not willing to share with anyone, just yet. I will when the time is right. 

Daydreaming gives you that place where your imagination can roam freely.  That place where all is well. How often do you take a few moments to just daydream and escape reality if only for a few minutes. It is good for your mind, it is good for your soul, it is good for your whole person. Allowing yourself a moment to soar, sail and fly to those places in your deepest spirit where you can be that princess you have always wanted to be or that superhero who saves the day. 

Take a little while, find a place where you can get comfortable, sit down, let the stress leave you body and enjoy your daydream.



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