And After The Tears, There’s Laughter

So, last night I told you about the tears that had finally come yesterday. Tears cleanse the soul. Laughter lightens the heart. 

Last night I had a truly long, hearty laugh. It felt good. After the day I had, it thrilled my soul so much to laugh. Laughter is important to me. If you can make me laugh, I mean really laugh, we’re golden. 

Last night as usual, my person was there to provide what I needed. I needed that laugh. He had listened to how my day had gone and the things I had learned about me. Then we went in to join the other people we were meeting with. 

The entire meeting was great. There was talking, learning, bonds being formed, people were enjoying themselves. Then he said something that struck me as funny. I laughed!!! Long and hard, I laughed!! The more I tried to stop laughing the harder I laughed. It was awesome.

On a day when I had felt a gambit of emotions, it was amazing to end it with someone who makes my heart smile in so many ways, making me laugh. 

As we parted ways for the night, I told him thank you. The thank you was for the so many things he does, for me, for our community, for people in general. What he didn’t realize is that part of that thank you was also for reminding me that I can laugh and be happy again, even on the tough days, there will be laughter. There will be smiles. There will be those moments that I treasure. 

Yes, I still have moments when I struggle but now they are just moments. Not days, not weeks, not months. They are moments now and they are less painful and after the tears, the laughter feels so, so very good. 



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