Clothes may make the man….but the boots make the woman

 I have a collection of cowboy boots. Brown, tan, pewter gray and my sexy red boots. Needless to say I love cowboys boots. There is just something about cowboy boots. The red ones are my favorites. There is just something about when  I wear them that I feel sassy and yes I’ll say it, sexy. That’s perfectly fine. 

Something I have noticed, as a chronic head dropper (meaning I walked with my head down looking at the ground for way too long) is that when I wear my boots, I hold myself up straighter. The tummy is tucked in and of course when the abs go in other things emerge. When I wear my boots my attitude about myself changes and it shows outwardly. I feel more confident when I wear my boots. I love all kinds of shoes but boots are my favorite. If they make me happy and more confident, maybe they aren’t just a collection, just perhaps they are an investment in me. 

I don’t make a great deal of investment in me.  I have let myself down in that way. My biggest monetary  investment in me has been clothing because I have lost 90 pounds in the past three years.  For so long the needs of another was my primary focus and it may sound selfish and  I don’t mean for it to, I have come to understand that investments in me are necessary too. 

My first Christmas alone, I bought myself a new pair of boots, wrapped them up and put them under the Christmas Tree so I would have something to open that morning. Maybe I was giving myself more of a gift than I thought I was. 

There is a running joke that I will have every color of boots in my collection before it is over. That is possible. 

There is another wardrobe purchase I have been considering. It is something I would love to own. Only one person knows I even want to own it.  It would not be for everyday wear but thinking about how my boots make me feel, wonder what a difference it could make in my life. It could be interesting.

I wonder if that difference would be worth the investment. We’ll see………………


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