You can’t walk in my shoes… I’m already wearing them….



People tend to like to think they know you. I have recently been told that I “spend too much time alone”. That I “am not putting myself out there” and someone noticed that I have “down days”. This was said by people who are acquaintances, these are not people who KNOW ME!!!

I do spend a certain amount of time in solitude. I learn new things, do the things I enjoy, I practice my photography, I appreciate nature, Yes,  I desire a certain amount of solitude. It gives me time to think, ponder, daydream, meditate and pray. I also enjoy spending time in conversation with people I enjoy being around. 

Working two public jobs, I am “out there” enough to suit my notion. I am in “out there” more than  I want to be at times. 

The down days thing was what threw me. Who doesn’t have down days?? Can you in your heart of hearts say you are happy all day each and every day?? If you can, you sure have me beat. Most people I know who are happy each and every day are on very high doses of prescription  meds to make sure they stay that way. 

For the most part, I am a happy, positive person, I try to be at least. I try to enjoy my life while allowing others to live there. I will be of service to anyone until I feel like that is being abused, then I make changes. For example, I was recently told by someone that they downloaded one of my photos without asking. Not cool!!  I will ask the opinion of people that I trust and that list is very short but I will form my own educated decisions. 

 I am learning to live my life, my way as myself. I do the things I enjoy, as you should. Don’t let other people tell you everything you are doing wrong. Kindly tell them that you are doing what is right for you. What is right for one person may not be right for another. 

You can’t walk in my shoes, I am already wearing them. You can’t live my life, cause I am busy living it. I can’t live your life for you.  It is up to us what we make of our lives. The effort can be used positively or for naught. Other can’t live our lives and if they are so happy in their lives, how do they have time to assume that I am so “unhappy” in mine.



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