Hearted Wings2

I am a believer in giving people roses while they are living. Those people in my world have come to realize that if I have something I really want to give them I am a big kid until they get it 

They other day, when I went shopping with my best friend, I found these wings. Wings are important to me. Angels have wings, birds have wings, butterflies have wings. All beautiful creations, a favorite pass time of mine in the park I go and visit regularly is to watch the birds. No, I am not a bird watcher exactly. I like to watch birds in flight. This park is on a mountain and the wind is stronger up there. I love to watch as the birds adjust when they hit a wind current. They merely adjust. Adjustment is necessary in life. Life is not always smooth sailing. Life is about balance. You must feed your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs. If one starves the others also suffer. Balance is crucial. 

The photo in the blog is a serendipitous creation that was meant to be. I wanted to make a little something for the two people who support me whatever I strive to undertake. They are always right there to support, suggest, encourage, sometimes chastise me (when I do some of those not so wise things I do at times). They mean more to me than they will ever know. I try to tell them but words fail me. They will both laugh when they read this, for I am never lacking in the ability to talk. 

I speak of forever people in your life. These two rank in the number one and number two on my hit parade. My person and my best friend.

Giving a gift to me is something you give from your heart. That is why this photo is in the shape of a heart. The parts for the creation were purchased at different craft stores. When they came together….magic happened. Serenewings became something tangible that I could hand to those who encouraged me to share this thing I called life with others who might be struggling to find their way.

I could (and did) hand at least one of them to one of these people last night and basically say thank you for being in my life and thank you for being you. I love you. These exact words were not spoken but that is the reason I wanted to give the gift to these folks, because I love them.  These are little pieces of my heart, of my love that you can hold in your hand. It is not an expensive gift, it is an emotional gift.  There will only be three made. One for him, one for her and one for me. Nobody else needs one. I don’t hand out pieces of my heart to just everybody. I actually guard it pretty tightly. Your heart is important, you don’t just hand it to everybody.

There are hooks left, there are wings remaining, they will be used in other creations, just not in that same manner. Limited edition creations are that for a reason. They carry more “value”. The presence of these two people in my world…Let’s just say, they are both limited editions!!!


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