Color Me Happy….


I am a pretty simple person by nature. It doesn’t take a great deal to put a smile on my face. I like to do things that I enjoy. Being with those people who make me smile, laugh and cry, crying happy tears.  

I like sitting and looking at clouds in the day time and stars at night. I would rather go on a picnic than to go to a 5 star restaurant. I would rather sway to music in my living room in the arms of someone I love than to go to a club. I am not hard to satisfy. I have always had to live on a budget, still do. Money isn’t everything It is necessary to survive but as long as there is enough, that’s all I need. Sometimes, I think people with money are more miserable than those without. Just my opinion. Opinions are like elbows, everybody has a couple of them. 

Today the best friend and I ran away from home. We just took off and went shopping. My favorite stop was the two craft stores we went to. I was like a kid in a candy store. I got some cool steam punk items, found something I want to (and have already) put together for those two people who believe in me more than I do. 

You should have seen me when I found acrylic paint for 59 cents a bottle. Have mercy, I thought my friend was going to walk away. I was like, I need this and this and I might need this. Lord child, it was like Christmas. 

I paint ceramics, I have actually been painting on a Christmas village for several years, I add one new piece each year. I am starting to do some “paintings” on canvas. It isn’t great but I love the feeling of the brush on the canvas. There is something soothing to your soul when you paint. I don’t paint for anyone else. I paint for me. It will never hang in museum but it will hang, maybe if I like it, in my home. That is good enough for me. 

If you dwell alone, find those things that make you happy. If you want to draw, do it. If you want to dance around in your living room, no one will stop you. If you want to paint, it’s on sale for 59 cents a bottle. If you like to read, you can go to your local library and check out books for free.   Try everything and find whatever it is that makes YOU happy, do it.  You might find out that you are really good at it. Don’t wait til tomorrow, it might not get here. 



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