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My last post was kind of a downer. I apologize for that. Sometimes in life, you get thrown when you least expect it. It is just that things hit you after you have suffered a loss and you don’t know quite how to deal with them. This was one of those days.

I now want to write about “Grace”. Grace is the unmerited love of God. God once again showed me his grace this day. I got to spend time with my best friend.On a day when I was struggling, we got to laugh and talk and drive some of those crooked country roads I love so very much.

Grace is as invisible as air but it is as reliable as the sun is to rise in the morning. Grace steps in when you are not sure of the way to go. It leaves an impression on your life that you want to share with others. Grace is hard to explain. It is that peace that surpasses all understanding. When you can’t stand on your own, God sends that person into your life to make you see that life is still worth living and loving. That you can make it through the bumps in the road.

Grace has carried me many steps of the way when I didn’t have my own strength. Grace opened the door to my heart and allowed me to take that chance to love again. Grace is that moment when you see no reason to go on, the right person comes along and says the right thing and you suddenly decide that life is worth it. Grace is that laughter of the children you work with,  the smile, the trust, the sharing, the love, the connection of you with those around you. God puts people in your life for a reason. It is not by accident. 

Grace comes along in the right way at the right time. Just like everything in life it is different for different people. My grace is not your grace, yet there is enough to go around.. You can be at you lowest point and grace will pick you up. You can be at your highest point and it will sustain you. You can be somewhere in the middle like I have been as of late, where you are  at peace and you think you have made the hump on this road that none of us ever asked to travel and suddenly, you have just one of those moments when the wind shifts and you have to adjust your wings. Learning to adjust your wings is part of learning to fly. Watch our winged friends sometimes. They don’t fight the wind, they adjust their wings and go with it.  Grace allows that adjustment without falling crashing to the Earth. You have all heard the song “Amazing Grace”. To me it is more than a song, it is so very true. Grace, that thing that allows you to live again, even after loss. Whatever you loss may be, however you found this writing, allow grace to come into your life and bring you peace, even when you see no end to the storm. 


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