A Rainy Sunday and the Coffee Shop

I got a nice surprise today. My daddy told me I looked pretty. Now, most people wouldn’t consider this a big deal. You have to know my dad. He is a man of few words. He chooses what and when he says very carefully. He is not a man given easily to flowery words. So, this morning on a dreary, drizzly day my dad tells me I look pretty. It means a great deal to me to know that when he says that he truly means it. I know he is being totally honest with me. Every female wants to be told she is pretty from time to time. He must have known that I needed to hear it right now.

I love sunny days when you feel alive and vibrant. You want to go and to see what you can find. You want to go on adventures and feel the sun on your face. There is also a great deal to be said for rainy days.

Those days when you take a moment to slow down and be “lazy”. There are things you  could be doing but you take time to enjoy the things you like to do. For me, this is my Sunday stop at the coffee shop. It gives me a chance to be around people who make me happy. There are any number of discussions going on at any time.

My person and I were sitting in our corner talking. The owner of the coffee shop, who in my little world is my snarky little brother figure, came over and talked to us for a while. Then he and I played “Trivial Pursuit”.  I was torn on what to do honestly. I wanted to spend time with my person one on one,  I didn’t want him to feel like our time was being intruded upon. We are both extremely busy and we do not get a great deal of time together.

I have found out my weakness in the game is geography. I am okay with admitting my weakness and tend to see those more quickly than my strengths.

The coffee shop is cozy. I am big on cozy. I like places where you can be comfortable having nice quiet, meaningful conversation or play a game of Trivial Pursuit, Scrabble or any number of board games. You know the people coming in and they can easily join into the conversation.

As we played the game, my person sat and watched us. I was very comfortable and very much at peace. It was just fun. Take these lazy Sunday days and connect with those you value. You can’t lose. It is truly time well spent. If you are spending time with that person who makes your heart smile or playing a board game with your little brother figure. Take time, make time, steal time.

My person and I got a chance to engage in conversation again as the game had to come to an end because customers were coming in. Conversation about if we could take a dream vacation where would you go came up. My answer is I honestly don’t know. I am not well traveled but it’s not where you are at, it is who you are with  that is important. My dream vacation would be with him, anywhere, doing anything. That was the unspoken part. I don’t use my words well around him. I basically become a babbling idiot.

It wouldn’t matter to me if we were on a picnic in the park, sitting in a coffee shop or on a beautiful island. It is just the who you are with that makes it a dream. There are places I would like to see… Charleston, New York City, Paris. There are places I would love to see if money were not an issue but it is who you share it with that makes it special.

Time is one of our most valuable gifts. Time is something once you have given it, you don’t get it back. I treasure my time on Sunday. I used to hate Sunday. I am not going to lie about it. Sunday, for a very long time, was just another day for me to have extra time to fill, now I love my Sundays, the conversation and the coffee.


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