Fog and Crooked Country Roads


I woke up early this morning and did those things I love to do. I went for a drive, my camera by my side, waiting to see what I could discover. I love driving crooked, graveled, country roads. I have driven the road in the photo above many times. I love the curves and the twists in the road. It is not traveled by a great deal of people for obvious reasons. It can be quite uncomfortable when you meet someone coming the other direction. It has rained the past couple of days, so the road was a little “tender” for lack of a better word. I drove a little slower than usual. I do, personally travel this road at least once a week. I love winding roads. Simply because you never know what is around the bend. Having a photographer’s eye, some might see as a blessing and a curse. You see the world as a photo, that is the blessing. You are not always in the best circumstance to stop the car and jump out to capture what you see, that is the curse. You see things you want to collect but you can’t just stop in the middle of a major highway and get it. You learn to take the roads less traveled. You see some cool things along the way. A bonus to the blessing.

The park where I go is known for being foggy. Even when there is no fog below, it will always be foggy on the mountain. Another thing that amazes me is fog. I have contemplated fog many times. I have compare grief to fog. In fog, you can’t see where you are headed. You can only see where you are at the current moment. You can see outlines of things around you but you can’t see anything clearly, not even a few feet in front of you. When you are in fog, you have to look and focus on that which you can clearly see. You have to lend your attention to where you are at that exact moment. You focus down the road and you will goof up. You could miss the curve you are in because you are straining to see what you are moving into.

When you focus too far down the road, you can miss something really cool and amazing right in front of you, to your left or to your right. If you are driving in fog, you don’t or shouldn’t drive as swiftly as you do when the road in front of you is clear. It makes you slow down and take more time and care. You have to be more careful. The ties that bind crooked roads and fog together are the following…. They both require you to slow down, look around you to see what is right in front of your face and sometimes you go around the curve or burst out of the fog you get that moment of magic which if you are just  lucky enough, you get to capture and share with others.

So if you are in that foggy place or not sure what is around that next bend in the road, sometimes the mystery and self discovery is the best part of the journey. Don’t rush it. Take all the time you need and enjoy the trip. There will be plenty of time to ride the highways later and yes, the sun will shine again, the fog will dissipate and you will be surprised that you knew where you were all the time.


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