Do you ever feel like “Vanilla”??

Vanilla Butterfly

I actually had a day off. It started out as any other day off. Good mornings from and to those I treasure most. My best friend asked me to meet her in town to take care of some business. So I went to the where else…the coffee shop. I got my coffee and talked to my person. After the business was taken care of, I went back to the coffee shop and enjoyed more conversation. I had told my friend that I felt “vanilla” today. Not that there is anything wrong with vanilla. It is just vanilla. Most people unless they are very fond of vanilla add something to it. 

What I mean by feeling “vanilla” is that I just felt very plain. I had taken no great pains getting myself ready to go out for the day. It was my day off. The hair hadn’t been done, no make up, t-shirt and denim short. VANILLA!! Just plain. Some days you feel like rocky road when you are all blinged out and looking pretty or you have the chunky monkey days when you are a itching for fun….today vanilla. Of course on a vanilla day, I run into my person.I had no clue he would be at the coffee shop and he had no idea that I was meeting my friend there. He of course has seen me on a lot more vanilla days than I care to count. 

After running some errands in town, I came home and did what NEEDED to be done. I mowed my yard and did the trimming. There were other things that needed to be done but they were on the inside and I was itching to be outside. I live close to a National Park. I have spent many hours in that park. This was where I was being led to go today. I talked with my niece and let someone know where I was going to be (a step I take now that I am living alone, just as a safety precaution).

So, I get into my car and I go. When I get there not another soul is about. I grab my gear and get ready to sit. I was going to take photos of butterflies. I love butterflies. Something not a lot of people know about me. I love to try to take photos of butterflies. The trouble is that I can’t sit still. I try but not my strong suit. There is always so much to do. 

So I cop a squat on the ground, camera in my lap and bottled water on the ground beside me. And I wait. You have to sit, you have to wait, you have to be patient. I am patient with everyone and everything but me. I am trying to learn to be patient with me. 

As I sat, the butterflies began to start flying around. Here is what I observed at the beginning….On a day when I felt vanilla, I was searching for the bright colorful butterflies. You know the browns, oranges, blacks and blues. What did I get WHITE….great…. Vanilla butterflies. So I started snapping photos of them. They were pretty. I got several great shots of these little beauties. Slowly I noticed some small buttercup yellow ones flying around, kinda hanging out with the white ones for a bit then flying off. I kept snapping. Then as if the big copper colored butterfly was jealous that the plainer, smaller butterflies were getting all the attention, it started showing it’s colors. Of course, I got some shots of it. 

Here are somethings I noticed. The little vanilla butterflies were harder to shoot for the following reasons: They were smaller, they didn’t stay anywhere for very long, they were busy, they would land on white flowers, there were yellow and purple flowers there but they landed on white every time. They wanted to be invisible. I understand that all to well some days. They would fly around in a dance like motion by twos. Like they were doing an airborne waltz. The brighter the butterfly, the bigger the butterfly the more toward the tree line they stayed. The little white butterflies were braver and more social with me than the more colorful ones. 

After a while, I just laid back in the grass. I just relaxed and felt the sun on my skin and the breeze stirring around me. At one point I opened my eyes and three of my new little friends were flying right over me. They had acclimated to me. I had been patient with them and with myself. I didn’t rush it. Anything worth having is worth working and waiting for.  It pays off in the end.

While I was busy with the butterflies, I knew there was a car sitting over to the side. As I walked back to my car, the driver rolled her window and showed me her camera. She was from another state and she said she had watched me for a while and she saw me “patiently sitting on the ground” and then she saw that I was photographing butterflies. She was older than me and she had a camera similar to mine. She asked me some questions so we had an impromptu photography lesson. Passing along what has been shared with me. She thanked me and she went on her way. I sat there for a while being thankful to God for such a truly amazing day, to the muses for leading me to where I needed to be and to the butterflies for allowing me to invade their space to make me happy.

I loaded everything into the car and started home. When I got back to town I stopped at a local fast food restaurant and ……got a cone of vanilla ice cream. Let’s just say, I have a new appreciation for vanilla. 


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