And Yet Another Life Lesson

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I have told you that I work with children. I now have to admit that I am a children’s librarian. I tell you this only for the sake of this post.. 

Today was the day when the children got to pick their prizes for participating in the Summer Program. I saw two amazing Random Acts of Kindness today. 

I saw one little girl who came in with her friend. The first little girl  could choose more prizes due to her participation in the program. Her friend has collected all her prizes but she saw something she wanted. The first little girl told her she would give up something she could have so that her friend could have what she wanted. The second little girl looked at her and said “You would do that for me?” The first little girl said “Well of course I would, you are my BFF!!” Do you know how humbling it was to see that? To be a silent observer of such a magical moment?

The second thing I saw was a mom talking to her children. They had picked the prizes they wanted and they could have picked more. The mom explained to them that they could go pick more stuff or they could leave what they could have chosen for other children who might not get as much. They chose the latter. It was great to see this mom who had brought her children to every program teach her children how to pay it forward. 

These were children, there were toys, they had worked hard all summer and here they were opening their hearts to give so freely to others. 

We adults have a great deal to learn from those coming behind us!!!


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