The Circle

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You will hear me talk about “my circle” a good bit. Today, it was very evident where my circle is and who is in my circle. Passersby have said it looks like I hold court in the back of my car. Today, I saw the major portion of the folks who have surrounded me in the second chapter of my life. 

I have lunch with my best friend on Monday. It is the only time during the week that we regularly meet to discuss things. The coffee shop I frequent is very close by. My person works in the neighborhood. My best friend and I have done lunch weekly for the past 2 and half years. Before we did it every couple of weeks. We always meet and lunch then we go outside where we can talk and laugh and enjoy our time together. There is a running joke, loosely based on fact that I know everyone in our small town. So I speak and wave to everyone who comes by. 

As we sat there, “The Deacon” called to check on me, you will hear more about him in another post. The coffee shop owner came over to speak to us for a few minutes, joking that he always knew where to find us on Monday. My person came out to go to lunch and stopped to talk. I was in paradise. I was enjoying the fresh air and sunshine with the people who have helped me to get to this point.

After you have suffered a great loss, you need your circle. They are the people who are there when you don’t know where to  go or what to do. They are the foundation (along with my faith) that I stood on when I could stand and when I couldn’t stand, they held me up.

Their words, their actions, their love and support are vital to my finding myself. The rebuilding of my life could not have happened without them.

My circle doesn’t consist of the people who I thought would be there. Those people I thought I could count on, not to sound cliche’ but they were Gone with the Wind. Once the pomp and circumstance was over, they were off like a dirty shirt. 

The people in my circle, they amaze me. They are all very different. I interact with each of them differently. They let me talk when I need to talk, they let me cry and tell me that it is okay. I feel no judgement from them, I honestly can’t say this about others. 

Build your circle soundly. Make sure it is strong. People will come and go in your life. Make sure your circle consist of those forever people. I love each and everyone in my circle in different ways. I can honestly say that today, I felt as safe a bird in a nest. I am learning to fly. 



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