Creativity Knows No Age

I had a great evening spending time with some wonderful people. The group consisted of a 12 year old girl who “sketches”, an 18 year old guy who is a mechanical whiz, a 21 year old guy who is a computer game designer in the making, and two 50 something year old men who are guiding the group to become “makers”. And me…. I feel I am the least of this group. I am learning right along with everyone else.

As the evening passed, there was discussions on the projects we would like to make as a group. Each member has their own special talents and they are not shy about sharing what they know. It was interesting to see how each person had a different take on it. The visual artists discussed what their vision was, the computer junkies discussed the coding, One of the leaders was looking at design plans and the other leader, well, he could discuss all aspects of any project. He is the one who made this group possible.

It was fascinating to see, these amazing people share parts of themselves so openly and freely. As the evening  drew to a close the group dwindled down to four. A 12 year old, 18 year old, a 40 something year old and a 50 something year old. We discussed books, movies, technology and how different the our age groups were. It was kind of amusing when the 18 year old referred to the 12 year old as the next generation, as we “old folks” snickered beneath our breath.

The truly amazing was how the conversation easily flowed from one subject to the next. We all added to the conversation without any judgement toward what the others were saying. There was a lot of joking, barbing and laughing.  We all felt safe in the company of other creatives.

There is something to be said for people who can co-exist peacefully and encourage each other to grow. A space where a 12 year old artist with  a  sketch book can meet an artist who can help them grow in their chosen art medium. Then the artist can turn around and talk computer code with a 21 year old.

In a world where it seems difficult for us adults to play in the same sandbox, it was wonderful to see this group encourage and bounce ideas off each other.

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