My Best Friend, Flowers and Puppets

IMG_3782 copy IMG_3785 copy


As I said earlier, I am new to this. Opening my life up to the world and saying here have a look at the cobwebs, scars and idiosyncrasies. I am a big kid at heart. My occupation is working with children. Never having children of my own, this give me a chance to make a difference in these young lives. I need that. Today was a fun day!!!

I got to spend some time with one of the primary people in my circle. My best friend. There are those people who for some reason, couldn’t hang around after my husband passed away. They were battling their own giants. I thought I could depend on them to be there and as soon as the pomp and circumstance was over, they were gone. I choose to think that they were making room for those who would come into my world and stay!! Those FOREVER PEOPLE!!

My best friend though, she never faltered. She has been there for more years than either one of us want to admit, since we both lie through our teeth and claim to be 29. She has been there for the past 3 years calling me every morning to see how I am. She has been there as I have tried to get back to the business of living, not just surviving. She makes me laugh, she listens to me when I over think everything. She brings me back to Earth when I go off on one of those, I am never good enough and never will be rants. There are those people who share your blood who feel obligated to spend time with you. Then, oh then, there are those people who choose to spend their time with you because the want to. Today was a day where we went of a short little road trip together. We laughed, we ate, we enjoyed spending time together. I AM  BLESSED  to have her in my life.

On our little trip today, I got some flowers to put at my desk. I love flowers. I love flowers in my work area. They make me smile. The photos above are of the flowers I am happy to look at for the next few days. They are green tipped daisies. Green is my favorite color.

Tonight I had the pleasure of seeing a truly talented man. He is a children’s comedian and puppeteer.  I got to hear the sound of  children’s laughter for the second time in a single day. I would love to be able to bottle that sound and sell it. There is just something about the laughter of children. It just makes you smile. This man brought these puppets to life and I was allowed to go along on the journey. Making a new friend, well that was just a bonus.


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